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20 Top tips for weddings

Posted by Sdk4ord on February 3, 2013 | Comments Off on 20 Top tips for weddings

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Planning your big day – you may have been planning this day since you were 3 years old or you may be a whirlwind romance. Either way we want your day to go without a hitch. Standing there in front of your partner making those vows you want to know that you can relax and enjoy every moment.

Making sure you day is as perfect as you want can take quite a bit of planning so we have put together our very own guide to getting ready for your big day.


Have you always dreamed of a particular venue? Maybe you want an unusual or themed wedding. Google searching unusual party venues Leeds may seem like a logical route for you to take as will asking around friends who have recently wed too. Venues are often booked way in advance and deposits are usually requested.

Have you had a set venue in mind for your big day? A big concert hall perhaps or maybe you are looking at your favourite musuem to hire in Leeds city centre?

Your perfect venue may be perfect in your mind but you also need to think about logisitcs. How many guests do you intend to invite may mean you need to change your tact and look at venues with that capacity. Will the venue have their own caterers or do you have to hire your own. Is there an area for a seated meal, an area for a dancefloor and an area for a band or DJ to set up. These are all things you can discuss with venues upfront so make sure that you have a list of what you need to take to these venues.

When you meet with venues make sure you ask them for upfront costs. Things can be added in so you need to know what exactly you can get for your money.

Colours and themes

Are you planning to theme your wedding or are you set a certain colours. Remember that depending on your venue you may have to be open to an amount of change. The venue may offer to dress the room in colours of your choice so compare costs between what you can do outside to what they offer.

Are you having a quirky wedding? Do you want a set theme – are you a lover of Halloween or Charlie and the Chocolate family? It may be an idea to organise a wedding planner if you are looking at a themed wedding so that you know everything will fall into place on the day. Place settings will blend with your theme and could maybe turn into a little take home gift for your guests. Maybe a favour bag with a small reminder of the day? Love hearts and bubbles are always a great little addition to a table (bubbles and a colouring book for those little hands are great while speeches are going on).

One last consideration is your guests – how will they react to a themed weddings, specific use of colours? It is your day but it may be worth putting a few feelers out to make sure you don’t offend.

What to wear

Will your colour theme be passing into what bride and groom will be wearing?

If you are the bride we bet that you have been thinking about your dress for a long, long time but how do you know when you have found the perfect match? Are you getting your dress made or will you be buying off the rack? Just remember that this is your day and you should feel and look like a princess. Don’t be swayed by others if you know it isn’t the one.

The details should give you that wow moment – remember to ask for matching shoes too! Are you planning on your dress blending with your theme with a hint of colour or are you keeping that for your bridesmaid?

If you are the groom are you dreading the suit shop? Is there someone that can help you buy or hire your suit or recommendations from friends. Traditional colours like black or a grey can work really well as long as you have a splash of colour. If you are matching tie, waistcoat and button hole to your theme make sure you know there are no colour clashes. Investing in smart black shoes is always a winner!

So there are just 3 things that you need to think about when planning. We hope we have giving you food for thought. Check back in as we will be sharing a few more soon!

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