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How to organise and promote a charity fundraising event

Posted by Sdk4ord on February 3, 2013 | Comments Off on How to organise and promote a charity fundraising event

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Is your charity looking to raise funds in 2013? Running and organising an event can be a way of gaining exposure for your cause. Whether you are thinking of holding a charity concert or an auction here are a few things to think about along the way.

Firstly you need to decide on what kind of event you want to hold and how you envisage the day. Do you have an idea of numbers and will there be ticket sales?

Firstly look at your venue choices – an auction works differently from a benefit concert or ball. So you know what type of event you want to run? Well now you need to visit venues to see what they facilities they have.

EventSomewhere like Pudsey Civic Hall or a local Leeds museum could be a great venue for a charity auction where as if you are holding a masquerade ball you will want to maybe look at how an empty party venue in Yorkshire can be dressed to impress. A bit of frill and fancy can go a long way in making your venue look fabulous.

Making your event a fun project to work on will mean that you are taking offers of help from friends and colleagues. Why not pop up a facebook working group to virtually meet up with ideas and planning documents. Make sure you have people to delegate to as planning a charity event can take an awful lot of time, planning and budgeting.

Approach local business and see if they can support you. More often than not people will give time and products for free. Contact a local party or event planner and see if they can guide you to business that may be able to offer you something in return for free publicity and tickets to your event. Think about what business you would like to work with and maybe consider asking bigger local business to sponsor the event in return for helping with a cash donation. Business do look to align with charities as it does them a great deal of good too. Think about whether you need one of support or whether you could work with these people on a longer term plan.

Do you want to highlight local talent at your event. It is worth contacting local bands and performers and ask if they would play in return for publicity and a few free tickets. Contact your local radio station and ask whether they can help in this process too. Make it a real community project.

Socialise online! Most social media channels are free. Set up an events page on facebook, encourage sharing, use local hashtags on twitter to further the reach of your message. Connect, connect, connect! Contact local celebrities via twitter and email your local newspaper. Anyone that you think can help should be contacted!

Make sure you have a checklist and running order of events. Allocate set tasks to the team. Even if one part of your event does not go smoothly by planning and delegating tasks this should make it much easier to manage your event.

How will people donate? Other than the ticket price (you can use eventbrite for a free online ticket service) are there other ways for people to donate? If you hold an auction how will attendees pay for their winning bid? It is worth setting up a paypal account as well as a bank account if you are holding an auction. A just giving page may be the best idea but make sure you consider all these options in good time for your event as accounts can take 4-6 weeks to open.

Have you organised a charity event? What advice would you pass onto someone starting to organise their own event and did you find any resources particulary useful?

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