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Team building day

Posted by Sdk4ord on February 3, 2013 | Comments Off on Team building day

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Are you looking at organising your next corporate team building event. There is a lot to think about and put on that to do list when you are putting the event together. From everything to what to look at in terms of venues for corporate events in Leeds and the surrounding areas to what fun you can get up to on the day and lunch ideas to ensure maximum team building we have the tips for you.

Team Building

Team building days can improve the working relationships between colleagues. They can be a fantastic way of showing your team they are an asset to your business as well helping to achieve a better customer service and further build relationships.

With a bit of time spent looking at your options and a good organised plan you can make your event fun rather than a corporate felt event that is lack lustre.

Here are our tips for holding a successful team building event:

  1. What kind of level of spend are you looking at? Your budget can affect both time and even moral. You obviously want to invest in your team without breaking the bank. If you have a big budget you could hire someone that runs team building events as their business. This way you provide a specification and it is all done for you. This could keep the pressure off your shoulders and you just arrive on the day and enjoy. If you are planning the event make sure you leave enough time to plan and set out how you would like the day to go.
  2. Venue: where do you want to host your event? Remember that venues for events in Leeds can be booked up long in advance. Have you made you choice? Make sure you write a check list of what you need. Things like capacity, room layout and catering options need to be thought about before you place a deposit for your event so making sure you have the right venue really is key to your event. You need to be sure this is the right venue for the right purpose.
  3. What timings are you thinking of for your event? Are you making it during work hours and are you making it easy to get to? Venues for corporate events that are central can be a help as they can be easier to get to for your colleagues. Making the event during work hours rather than outside is your best bet in keeping moral high. You don’t want the tam to feel like you are grabbing time away from their personal life. By making sure that you book the time during work hours you are showing that you are investing in them as your team and do not expect them to juggle a their work with personal life.
  4. What do you want from the event? Do you want a particular outcome from the event? Do you want completion of a set project or is this purely to bring your team together? Do you want to be shown your teams hidden strengths, see what other potential there is within your department? Then you need to set out your day in accordance with the company’s needs/requirements.
  5. How are you going to organise time away from the office for you and your colleagues. One of the worse things that can happen is that you and your colleagues feel stressed about work they will have to catch up on once back in the office. Considering hiring a temporary member of staff for a week to lighten the load. When delegating work make sure you add in additional time for that project to be completed or maybe lower targets for a few days so that the burden of a heavier workload does not distract from the team building day.
  6. Regular breaks and lunch are really important to maintain focus. If your event is running from 10am until 4pm make sure that you have a mid morning/afternoon break as well as lunch. Regular breaks are really important to maintain focus and keep your team interested in what is happening.
  7. Make your team building day appealing and challenging. Think about whether you will set out a guide/plan for the day so the team are aware of what is going to be happening. Are you wanting everyone to have a clear head and not know the timetable for the day? Then make sure you are organised with the things that are required for the day. Above all you want to make your event fun and challenging so think about making it very interactive and visual to maintain attention and interest.
  8. Everyone as equals – this may not seem quite obvious but it is a great idea to leave job titles at the door and spend time showing each member of the team that hierarchy does not have a place during your day. Every team member should feel like they count and that they have a valid opinion.
  9. Leave some social time at the end – whether it be for mingling or you hire a massage therapist for shoulder massages to ease tension it is a lovely idea to ensure that everyone has time to wind down before they begin their journey home.
  10. Ask for feedback. Asking for feedback shows that you really do care about your team and what they think. Encourage anonymous honest feedback so that you can base your future events on what your team would like to do and see.


Have you recently held a team building day? What activities worked well for you and what would you suggest to others as a winner in terms of team happiness.

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