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Should you theme your event?

Posted by Sdk4ord on March 15, 2013 | Comments Off on Should you theme your event?

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Setting a theme for your event is becoming increasingly popular in the corporate world as well as already being a highly thought about part of wedding planning. Themes can work very well in terms of attracting your attendees/guests (well depending how kooky).

When thinking about theming your event you need to think about what you want to achieve from the event and the reason why you are staging the event.  A themed event can be lots of fun, but also very hard work to get those little details just right and on budget.

A themed event may not be appropriate if you have a certain message you want to send in terms of business but if you want to build relationships and maybe break down those invisible barriers between colleagues then a theme throughout can break the ice as well as incentivise attendees.

When your event and it’s theme is created and delivered in the right way, a themed event can be an idea worth developing as if well organised it can help in boosting team moral by providing a friendly, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Themed events can often make people feel they are on the same level as everyone else and that they are valued as much as any other member of staff.

To get the best achievements out of a themed event you will need to look at the key areas associated with organising any event.  Catering, value for money, decoration, entertainment and an agenda are key to organising a fabulous event.

You need to ensure great entertainment for your guests, it can help break up the day and it shows the effort you have put into valuing your attendees. This may be a guest speaker or an after party if you are holding a conference.

When you have set a chosen theme for your event you will need to invest some time into doing some in office and background research on it. Don’t just go with the first idea – try and come up with something a little unique/different and maybe add a twist to the day. You will be amazed at how the ideas to really enhance the event will come together.  The time you spend on the detail can make all the difference and it really doesn’t need to push the budget.

Look at ways to compliment the day theme into an evening option so that those delegates from further afield have an option of how to spend their evening. Those more local may want to attend too.

All in all though you need to ensure that a theme will be well recieved. Anything too quirky or that others may find embarrassing will make your event fall flat at the first hurdle. You need to survey your guests and put feelers out to see how receptive they would be. A good example of this was a recent episode of a popular wedding programme where the bride and groom insisted on a Halloween theme. The memories of their special day will always be of Halloween, ghosts and ghouls. Is this how you want your guests to remember a big event or your special day? You need to make sure that the buzz around your event is a positive one not one where others are automatically dismissive.

When you approach your venue or event organiser have you suggested a themed event? How did they react to your ideas? Ask for their guidance and honest opinion. They want to ensure your event is as perfect as can be and should be able to show you a portfolio of similar options available for you.


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