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The Importance of a Venue

Posted by Sdk4ord on March 1, 2013 | Comments Off on The Importance of a Venue

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There are so many different venue choices available in Yorkshire, all want your business, but are they really the right venue for you. The right venue will suit your event as well as your company. It needs to be spot on from the outset.

So you know you want to run an event and possibly what kind of feel you want the people coming to have when they walk in. When starting your search for that perfect venue you must consider the following:

Location, locations, locations – your venue needs to be accessible for all your attendees, local or from further afield. Check out transportation links and travel times – make sure you investigate for any possible transport disruptions and any ideas you may have that can make it easier for your guests.

Stay overs – are there good, decent and reasonable prices stay over options for your guests. The out of towners will definitely need somewhere suitable to stay. Remember everyone has different needs and you need to find something that caters for everyone.

Are the additonal/meeting rooms suitable for your event and your guests – Ensure that your venue can offer a selection of different style meeting rooms. You may not need additional rooms but it will be worth looking at in terms of places for breaks or break out sessions if a conference.

Facilities (you need to know the extent of usage terms) – If your are hosting a team build or motivational event don’t forget to check for any restrictions. The same for a wedding. You need to know what areas you can and cannot use and what you can use them for.

Cost – You need to stick to your budget so make sure the venue give you a proper breakdown of what you get for your cash. There is nothing worse then overspending and feeling financially liable for unrealistic costs. You can at this point always try to haggle.

What is your event– depending on the type of event and the content being discussed can really change your venue needs. A conference venue may not be suitable for a wedding and vice versa. You need to ask what they have catered for before and how they managed it. Don’t be afraid of asking for testimonials.

Using an wedding planner, event agency or management company could help the process. It can be really worth thinking about whether you need an extra level of help to ease the pressure, stress and to get things as you want them and on budget. It can actually save you money as these types of companies often have a relationship with venues in your desired location. They will have done extensive research and have also seen lots of different senarios in terms of the good, the bad and the ugly.

You must also remember to look very closely at package prices and what it includes. Often rates will vary from one venue to another, but you must keep in mind that the cheapest can also be the least value for money and you find that the things you wanted may not included in the package price you have been given. It can often be a huge surprise when you suddenly find that you are being additionally charged at any extras you or your attendees are charged on the day of your event or after.

Remember that although you want value for money you get what you pay for. The venue may cost more in terms of food and drink but the locations is spot on for your needs. You have to balance up what the venue are supplying against all the other factors. It really is important that the venue fits the need of your event.


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