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Venue choices to make? Different events and what questions to ask

Posted by Sdk4ord on March 27, 2013 | Comments Off on Venue choices to make? Different events and what questions to ask

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Different events and what questions to ask….

It really is all about the area your venue is in. If it is not perfect then your whole event could fall flat. Different events require different ways of finding the appropriate venue. A conference centre may not be the right place for a wedding, the acoustics of a wedding venue may not be right for a concert. Here we have put a few questions together to help you find the right space for you. Be prepared before you visit your venues so that you leave with the answers and the costs.


Conferences – these are all about the space and location. You want your visitors to be able to find the venue easily and have the space to accommodate them all.


Does it need to have good transport links? Think about how your attendees will get there. Check out local transport routes.


How big are the conference rooms? Do they need to have big screens, microphones. Think about whether you need translators and how your attendees will view them.


Is there a stayover capacity for those that have travelled a long way? Ask about discounts for conference attendees.


Can they cater for a large amount of guests over the lunchtime breaks? What cost would this be and can they do a set conference rate?



Meetings – for these you need to know your numbers and whether the venue can provide the materials for it to run smoothly.


How many attendees do you have?


What equipment do you need? Will you need to have wifi, telephone access to a conference call?


What is the venue catering like? Check out costs per person and options for those with a special diet. Is coffee/tea/water included in the price of the rooms?


Concerts – the capacity and the acoustics are really important for concerts. You also need to think about crowd control.


What is the capacity and how can that be managed? What curfew is there.


Can you see the sound desk, can they provide someone to do the sound?


Do you need to provide security or do the venue offer that as part of the hall hire?


Is there a back stage area where the band can set up and can they sound check during the day?



Weddings – you want your day to go without a hitch (excuse the pun) and your venue needs to give that wow factor you and your guests will never forget.


Firstly – does it give you the wow factor? It is your special day and it has to be perfect for both of you?


Will you be putting on transport for your guests? If the venue is a hotel they may offer set transport links for you.


Can they cater for ceremony and reception? How quick are the room turn arounds if using the same room? Where will the guests go during this time?


Do they have a wedding planner? What elements of your day can they help with? Is there an additional charge?


These are just a few questions that you need to think about depending on what event you are hosting. Location is key to success for every type of event but the venue needs to be spot on with your requirements. Going with a key list of the things that are important to you is essential in ensuring that your event runs smoothly and remembered.


Although many venues can cater to different styles of event you need to know that the venue is right for you and your attendees/guests.  What questions would you add to our list? What is essential to you when you start thinking about the ideal venue for you?

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